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Course Descriptions


Adaptive Leadership through Integral Awareness
Prerequisite: none
Course hours: 16

This course is offered online through The University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute.
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Our world faces many problems and complexities including peacebuilding, climate change, sustainable resource management and social-cultural unrest. Today’s leader must adapt to these by integrating a holistic integral approach, which accounts for both external factors (empirical data, systems analysis) and internal factors (individual, collective and cultural).
This course accelerates your journey towards integral awareness as it enhances your adaptive leadership capacity and promotes powerful change in your personal and professional lives. This is a practice- oriented course in which participants learn the principles of designing and applying integrally informed problem-solving interventions, policies, and programs.

Combining mini-lectures and videos, suggested readings, and participatory group exercises, we dialogue and support each other’s emergence of integral awareness and apply it to a professional case-study situation.

To introduce participants to the idea and the experience of integral awareness and the implications for adaptive leadership practices.

Learning Outcomes
Combining mini-lectures and videos, suggested readings, and participatory group exercises, we dialogue and support each other’s emergence of integral awareness and apply it to a professional case-study situation.

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ILC 701: Immunity to Change Process
Upcoming Session: March 2022 Online Course
Prerequisite: none

In our fragmented and increasingly polarized world, the demands of modern life often require us to make changes to our thinking and behaviour. Yet making these changes is often vexingly difficult, as if we’ve immunized our self against making the very changes that we need!!

The Immunity to Change Process (ITC) is a powerful leadership development process that offers a step-by-step pathway toward whole-person integration and creating powerful change in our personal and professional lives. The ITC is not merely about changing problematic behaviors. Rather it is about the paradoxical power of understanding and respecting one’s own particular immunity.

This workshop is will teach you how to facilitate the ITC. You’ll learn the insights and the tools needed to begin to work with yourself, clients, team members/colleagues or friends to make the changes they are invested in making.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe your immunity to change
  2. How to create a safe container in which to support individual growth
  3. How to conduct the Immunity-to-Change process (in a group or an individual setting)
  4. The conceptual underpinnings of this powerful and complex wholistic learning process
  5. How to use this manual as a resource for further developing your knowledge and skills

What the ITC Training Equips You to Do

This workshop is for leaders in both public and private sectors, executive and developmental coaches, educators, consultants, trainers, counselors and therapists—anyone who wishes to improve the functioning and effectiveness of their business, team, clients, and themselves.

Richard McGuigan, PhD is adult developmental psychologist, mediator, educator, and scholar with over 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of Constructive-developmental psychology. As a scholar, practitioner, and educator, Richard has taught and administered the ITC hundreds of times to groups and individuals; he is an expert in all aspects of Constructive-developmental (C-D) theory.

ILC 410: Introduction to the Meaning-Making Inventory
Prerequisite: none
Course hours: 14

Often referred to as the Subject-Object Interview (SOI), the Meaning-making Inventory (MMI) is a semi-structured, open-ended interview designed to draw out the ways in which a person makes meaning from his or her experience. It was designed by Robert Kegan, PhD., of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as the technical and methodological piece of his Constructive-Developmental theory of lifespan development.

As anyone who has been involved in a conflict knows, the meaning of the conflict for each of the disputants can vary so much that one wonders if they are talking about the same conflict. Understanding another’s meaning-making process is a powerful tool in being able to work together more harmoniously. In this introductory course, participants will:

ILC 420: The Meaning-Making Inventory
Prerequisite: ILC 410
Course hours: 14

The MMI is a powerful assessment tool that, when skillfully applied, provides an important new dimension in our attempts to understand and work well with others. In this advanced course, participants will hone and deepen their understanding of the meaning-making process, sharpening their assessment and interviewing skills. Through class discussion, role-plays, and the use of interview transcripts, participants will learn to recognize the more subtle and discreet sub-phases along the continuum of meaning-making complexity as well as learning the fundamentals of conducting the interview, with the ability to identify and distinguish the content from the structure.

ILC 510: Developmental Coaching
Prerequisite: none
Course hours: varies

This course is designed to complement your life journey with a guided developmental coaching process tailored toward your personal, educational, and professional goals. Developmental coaching means challenging yourself toward greater complexity. We guide you in this process through identifying your values and assumptions, designing reflective strategies for examining and challenging them, and constructing milestones for your progress.

The developmental coaching offered in this course will afford you a wider and more inclusive perspective on and control of the terrain of your life. Its purpose is to deepen your awareness, broaden your perspective, and increase your capacity for personal and professional transformation, including how you engage conflict. You will develop a clearer and deeper understanding of your own strengths, limits, assumptions, and growing edges. Your vision, intentions, goals, struggles, and learning needs will become clearer and easier to realize as you gain a larger and more complex context in which to see them.

The course is comprised of a series of sessions with the assigned instructor-coach. The assigned instructor-coach will work with you to create an individually designed developmental map for your own intentional journey.

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