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An Integral approach highlights the multiple truths that are revealed by the individual, culture, and social systems.

Course Overview

Unique Courses with Something Extra:
In a fast changing world we teach you to develop advanced capacities that support your personal and professional success.

In today’s complex world, interveners, managers, and leaders must possess the capacity to respond to multifaceted challenges in organizations, communities, and beyond. Study at The Institute for Leading Change develops students’ complexity of thinking, which in turn increases awareness, analysis, and communication skills. These essential skills support professional goals and success!

The ILC Journey
Supporting Students through our Courses

The courses in The Institute for Leading Change (ILC) are designed to engage the whole person throughout each course. In addition to gaining mastery in course content areas, students gain from a process of learning strategies that support the growth of consciousness, authentic conversation skills, social competencies, and emotional intelligence. Our course designs draws on the work of many pioneers in a wide array of disciplines including Jack Mezirow, Robert Kegan, Ken Wilber, Bill Torbert, Bernie Mayer, and Leslie Combs

There are three unique hallmarks to our course design

  1. An integral approach
  2. Transformational Action Inquiry
  3. A developmental curriculum

An Integral Approach
ILC students are encouraged to use integral thinking skills to understand fully themselves and the global community we are all part of. An outlook that employs only one approach is restrictive because it relies on incomplete information limiting our capacity to understand, manage, and support the myriad dimensions that underlie every situation. The application of only one particular theory to the understanding of conflict or leadership will arrive at only one part of the truth, particularly since what constitutes truth is often in question. An integral approach highlights the multiple truths that are revealed by the individual, culture, and social systems. The integral approach synthesizes these bodies of knowledge into a comprehensive meta-map that both clarifies and broadens our understanding of the interconnected layers and the underlying rationale. ILC courses enable students to integrate the multiple perspectives of meaning and experience essential to understanding and guiding innovative work.

Transformational Action Inquiry
Traditional reflective practice approaches ask the intervener or leader to see more clearly what already is—to gather more information about current practices, current assumptions, and current perspectives. In contrast, transformational action inquiry asks the intervener or leader to go beyond simply noticing what is, and begin to unpack what is (question assumptions, use new lenses, new perspectives, etc.). Our approach to transformational action inquiry asks you to create new forms of thinking and communicating, to encourage new discoveries to emerge from self and others, and to challenge yourself to expand the limits of your current meaning-making. Through our approach, you are guided to a new form of understanding and, therefore, to a new place and vision in your life.

A Developmental Curriculum
The developmental approach to ILC course design is founded on one basic principle: that to encourage and support growth, an environment must offer an optimal balance of challenge and support. We do this through supporting the learner’s current level of understanding, while, at the same time, challenging the limits thereof. Think of our developmental approach as a bridge; a structure firmly anchored both in a learner’s current frame of reference and in the one toward which he or she is growing. This bridge fulfills the essential requirement of a transformational journey, of meeting learners where they are and then guiding and accompanying them on the journey of change to a new place in their lives.

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