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March 2022 Immunity to Change Process Online Course

In our fragmented and increasingly polarized world, the demands of modern life often require us to make changes to our thinking and behaviour. Yet making these changes is often vexingly difficult, as if we’ve immunized our self against making the very changes that we need!!

The Immunity to Change Process (ITC) is a powerful leadership development process that offers a step-by-step pathway toward whole-person integration and creating powerful change in our personal and professional lives. The ITC is not merely about changing problematic behaviors. Rather it is about the paradoxical power of understanding and respecting one’s own particular immunity.

This workshop is will teach you how to facilitate the ITC. You’ll learn the insights and the tools needed to begin to work with yourself, clients, team members/colleagues or friends to make the changes they are invested in making.

Learning Outcomes

What the ITC Training Equips You to Do

This workshop is for leaders in both public and private sectors, executive and developmental coaches, educators, consultants, trainers, counselors and therapists—anyone who wishes to improve the functioning and effectiveness of their business, team, clients, and themselves.

Richard McGuigan, PhD is adult developmental psychologist, mediator, educator, and scholar with over 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of Constructive-developmental psychology. As a scholar, practitioner, and educator, Richard has taught and administered the ITC hundreds of times to groups and individuals; he is an expert in all aspects of Constructive-developmental (C-D) theory.