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News Archive

An AQAL Guide to Corruption in the Ukraine

Invited by Ken Wilber to contribute to an international project dedicated to rebuilding Ukraine, Drs. McGuigan and Popp have developed The Journey from Corruption to Purification of the State. McGuigan and Popp break corruption down into the 4 quadrants of Wilber’s AQAL model—Individual and Collective, Internal and External—and show the insidious ways that corruption has taken hold and spread like a mimetic contagion. McGuigan and Popp draw upon Harold Bloom’s suggestion that increasing the complexity of only 15% of the population’s thinking could be enough to turn the country around. Read this intriguing paper to find out how you can…

March 2018 Workshop – Overcoming Your Resistance to Change

Join us for this powerful and innovative workshop! Modeled on Kegan & Lahey’s Immunity to Change process, it is designed to give you the insights and the tools you need to work in more powerful and effective ways with yourselves, your clients, and your colleagues. In this workshop you will learn how to understand your hidden resistance to change so that you can actually make the changes that you are invested in making. Overcoming your Resistance to Change is about understanding the stories we tell ourselves and re-writing those stories to work with rather than against ourselves—to turn our resistance…

Integral Conflict: The New Science of Conflict

The only book of its kind—and the first to integrate all of the different perspectives on conflict into one coherent and integrated whole. With Forewords by Ken Wilber, one of the most widely read and influential American philosophers of our time, and Vern Neufeld Redekop, PhD, one of the foremost practitioner-scholars in the conflict field.   In Integral Conflict: The New Science of Conflict, Drs. McGuigan and Popp take a close look at conflict and sustainability through the discerning lens of Ken Wilber’s Integral theory. The book takes you on an intriguing journey through the history of conflict theory, building…