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A Wholistic Approach

A company’s organizational transformation can only be accomplished by attending to the whole of it. Our integral approach is uniquely qualified to do just that. An integral approach is a holistic change model that attends to the personal ‘I’, the interpersonal – culture ‘WE’, and the impersonal ‘IT’ and most importantly, to the ways that they interact and co-evolve to create exceptional and sustaining results.

Any sustainable transformation is about becoming more complex at the same time as becoming more whole. This applies to individuals, families, organizations, communities—groups of all kinds, sizes, and shapes. As organizations grow, they become more complex: there are more people to train and supervise, more teams whose work with other teams must be organized and managed, layers of hierarchies to be
defined and embodied. And this is just about numbers of people, tasks to be accomplished, and physical space to contain it all. Add to that the needs and capacities of each of the people, the teams, the upper management, and the ways that the values, vision, philosophy, and norms are created and seep through every sector of the organization and begin to define “in groups” and “out groups”— and things can get very messy.

Organizations are complex and messy for the uncertainties and ambiguities that surface within and between individuals as well as with the inevitable changes in the world around them. The ways in which organizational leaders guide the way will have enormous implications for whether the organization becomes more whole, or if it becomes compartmentalized and fragmented.

Our integral approach has built-in methods for attending to all of this complexity. Each aspect—the personal ‘I’, the interpersonal – culture ‘WE’, and the impersonal ‘IT’ — requires a different kind of attention, but none can be disregarded or privileged. They are inseparable as they create the living organism that is the organization.

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