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The adaptive leader responds to volatile, complex, and uncertain environments with agility.


What is Governance?
Good governance is both an art and a science. The art is in creating and nurturing sustainable relationships based on trust and mutual cooperation. The science is in the development of skills for overseeing everything from financial spreadsheets to personnel concerns. Equal parts art and science go into understanding the roles, responsibilities and functions of everyone in your organization, providing inspiration and direction for your team members, creating policy then conducting yourself according to its parameters, and relating appropriately to external influences. These are only a fraction of the key elements of governance, requiring a good leader to be able to discern not only how well you are doing, but what you are missing as well.

Why is it important?
A leader who take responsibility for articulating and implementing a vision for your constituents needs optimal levels of challenge and support in order to communicate your values clearly, maximize your inherent abilities, gain new knowledge and skills, and understand how to use resources wisely. Diamond Management Consulting Inc. provides training and other educational guidance and materials for individuals and groups involved in governance activities.