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Diamond is a leader in conscious business development. We support the personal, social, and cultural development of organizations.

Organizational Development

What is Organizational Development?
Organizational development is a planned organization-wide effort that is managed at senior levels and is intended to increase organizational effectiveness and health through deliberate interventions in the organization’s processes.

The importance of planning
An organizational development program begins with an assessment (the current state of affairs) of an organization. The assessment highlights areas of strength and identifies weaknesses, which inform the development of a strategic plan for improvement and the mobilization of resources to carry out the change effort.

The role of leadership
In any successful organizational development effort, senior leaders have a personal investment in the program and its outcomes. While you do not necessarily participate in the same activities as staff and managers, you must have knowledge of, and commitment to, the goals of the program, and you must actively support achievement of these goals.

The Four Quarters of Organizing
In our approach to an organizational assessment and development process, we utilize an integral model – the Diamond Approach – The Four Quarters of organizing. These Quarters are My Leadership, My Behaviour, Our Spirit, and Our Team. Each Quarter represents a distinctly different dimension of and perspective on organizational design and effectiveness.